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I think that all bonus are from DVD Your CloneBD [Latest] are really appreciated and I'm sure I can speak for everybody here. I [Latesg] know what happened but can a mod please move the above post to Software Updates section. I am not the only person who has this problem.

Depends on how big it is. Sign CloneBD [Latest]. It should play on any conventional BD player-no if's and's or but's and it does not. [Lafest] unique modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with iTunes and Spotify, My hat goes off to them for this implementation.

If Cinavia is not a problem for you, then avoid this product for the time being until they get it right.

I even moved my date ahead 6 months and still ripped correctly with no watermark or trial ending. Cerberus' patch also failed to crack v1.

CloneBD + Portable / Beta

Post a topic! Elaborate Bytes released this version right after releasing v1. I can play the discs in my computer, but it locks up my LG BD player. Can someone please test my old patch to see if it still works?

Android apps. Just now, TheEmpathicEar said:. No comments. The blu-ray was ripped to MKV format in iso container using your patch. OCCT 5.5.6 [Latest]

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