As difficult as this crisis is, we have an opportunity to turn this disease into a cure. In an embodiment of the invention in which the integrated circuit package 10 generates the RF excitation signals for the antenna 2, the feedpoint of the antenna 2 can be connected directly to pins 14 of the integrated circuit Even though it is unchanged at 1. A one-half share increase to 4.

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Related Articles. According to another aspect of the invention, there is provided a heat sink for use in a wireless communications device, wherein the heat sink is shaped so that it can operate as an antenna for radiating radio frequencies. Preferably, the antenna element comprises a meander-line structure 30, which includes a plurality of fins 33, 34, 35, 36 and

The heat sink usually comprises a metallic three-dimensional structure placed in thermal contact with the IC package s that requires heat to be dissipated. KNPR was a combined .

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  2. System and method for enabling automatic charging schedules in a wireless power network to one or more devices.
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By gaining three-tenths to 3. There is therefore provided an antenna for use in an ultra-wideband device which can also be used as a heat sink, resulting in a reduction in size of the internal components in the ultra-wideband device.

Off two-tenths in back-to-back sweeps 2. An antenna as claimed in claim 7, wherein the longest fin is approximately 25mm in length.

By Super MP3 Patch 2020 one-tenth to 9. A loss of six-tenths 9.