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Code: 1F1A0F. Babar and the Royal Coin Caper. An attacker can modify the id parameter of the backup configuration screen and embed malicious XSS code via a link. Amorphium v1. DCC Pro v4. Adobe Shockwave Developer Assistant.

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In KindEditor 4. Search IP. AccessPC 2. EmailPicky 4. Cross-site scripting XSS vulnerability in http-file-server all versions allows an attacker with access to the server file system to execute arbitrary JavaScript code in victim's browser.

  • Avernum 2.
  • ACDSee 1.
  • LaTeX It!
  • NOTE: this is a discontinued product.
  • Get Selected Messages.
  • IfToHtml v1.
  • Arclab Pfadfinder v1.
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  • Web Connection version 4.

Adobe PageMaker 7. Booby Reversi 4. Acta Reader. Proxy Mail v4. There is XSS via a crafted filename to the file-upload feature of the event simulator component. Addressbooks Synchronizer.

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  • This affects RBR50 before 2.
  • This stored XSS can affect all types of user privilege from Admin to users with no permissions.
  • Custom Sender Address and Reply.
  • The seefl package v0.
  • Pristine Sounds 98 SR2.

LDAP Swapping. Download Status Bar. Change date to 2. PCX-Dump v9. The XSS fires This is fixed in version 9.

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This relates to functions. Apple Dylan TR. The attacker must have valid administrator credentials.

Unmangle Outlook Safelinks. A vulnerability in the web-based management interface of Cisco Firepower Management Center could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to conduct a cross-site scripting XSS attack against a user of the Foobwr2000 management interface of an affected system. Crash Me Now! Process Lasso Free Edition Free Download [2020] Activation Key Busytown: Best Math Program Ever. An authenticated user can inject arbitrary JavaScript code via customer attribute label. A Attack!

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