Improved visability of Why this ad? Guide data downloader will retry a few times when encountering timeout errors. Fixes a visual glitch with skip buttons on Android 4. Retry any failed recordings immediately when an existing recording job is cancelled and tuner frees up. Fixes an issue with mid-rolls on iOS Send feedback Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Due to issues with ad playback on mobile web, rolled back to 3.

[2020] 3.1.10 [100% Working] TV Chrome

Channels — Version History

Automatically picks surround sound audio track if multiple tracks are available. Some channels in Finland and Italy would play english audio instead of native language. Some international users with legacy tuners were not able to see any [[100% after a scan.

Guide tab on the web UI would sometimes fail to show episodes as recording. Loader would stay longer than it should have when playing a channel from Top Shelf. No more setting required. Fixed the bug where ImaSdkSettings. Some DVR recordings from certain cable providers would not playback correctly. VPAID ads will now report an error when they stop without reporting an impression.

Working like a charm if you want to transform your Quest in a Rift headset. Flash Distribution.

Top international reviews. Write a product review. Scanning for channels on legacy devices would sometimes return no results. Updated cuepoint data to now use floating point precision. Due to issues with ad playback on mobile web, rolled back to 3. Adds the videoElement parameter to AdsManager. Remove erroneously documented serialize and deserialize methods on AdError.

Version History

  1. Redesigned placeholders show channel information when guide image is missing.
  2. Some recorded shows would not display their episodes in the correct order.
  3. Filenames will no longer contain characters invalid on windows, regardless of DVR platform.
  4. Removes ImaSdkSettings.
  5. Recordings scheduled back-to-back could miss the first 30s of a program.
  6. Has some stutter to start of with but seems ok now,best I've tried by far so far apart from my type c to type c cable,only thing it's too short.